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Commissions are back! No slots, no limited availability, I’m available RIGHT NOW.

As always, e-mail me at hpkomic(@)gmail.com, with the subject “Commission” with a description and references for what you’re after. We can hammer out the details from there.

Please reblog or like if you’ve commissioned me before, or you like my art. Any exposure helps.

Also, please remember I am selling great resources on gumroad, and a single purchase means that you will be given updated resource packs for free. These resources include screen tones, inksplat brushes for photoshop, and my hand-written font I use on Cosmic Dash. These resources are extensive and update-able and only cost $1 each. More details can be seen here.

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Now @ Gumroad: Comic Resources!

Hey, do you want resources for your webcomics?

WELL, HAVE SOME GORRAM RESOURCES. All items listed are only $1 and they’re royalty-free! Best of all, all purchases are backed up with a guarantee of free downloads of revisions to these sets. If I add another 100 tones or brushes you get a download code for spending a single dollar!

If you want to tone your manga, fill your comic with my hand-written font, or paint a picture with my ink-splatters and not credit me, you are totally welcome to because these are royalty free! I’d totally love to see what you make though, so contact me and link the sets if you’d like!

Anyway, here are the resources! Only $1 each!

Wow! So screentones! All screentones are created by me from my own art or from a few public-domain textures. Great for adding a little texture to single color backgrounds or adding a little emotion to an otherwise blank space. $1 @ Gumroad!

Much brushes! All brushes are crafted from actual ink splatters created by me and are perfect for organic or grunge projects. The sizes vary but you’re definitely smart enough to make them work for you. $1 @ Gumroad!

Very writing! This is the very same font I use for Cosmic Dash and various other comics. It’s kind of sloppy and in an all caps style, but it should work out pretty well when you need it! $1 @ Gumroad!

Please reblog if you’re interested or even want to share the resources around. All funds go toward the hosting of my webcomic, Cosmic Dash.

My e-mail is included in all read me files if you have questions.

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